Valued customer,

Typhoon is causing delays in Asia.

Effected vessels out of Europe are following + estimated delay
 Morning Lena (LEN067) 2~3 days
 Asian Trust (AZT157) 3 days
 Glovis Sky (GSK003G) 4 days
 Lake Geneva (LGN006) 3 days

The Typhoon ‘AMPIL’ now has its sights set on eastern China.
Continuing on a northwest track, ‘AMPIL’ will next target eastern China with a high risk for a direct landfall on Sunday.
A landfall between Shanghai and Taizhou seems most likely at this time with all areas at risk for damaging winds and flooding rain.
Several hours with wind gusts of 80-100 km/h are expected near and just north of AMPIL’s track. This includes the Shanghai area.

AMPIL will then continue to track inland and weaken across eastern China early next week, spreading the risk for flooding rainfall to areas from northern Anhui and Henan to western Shandong.

As a influence of ‘AMPIL’, 6 vessels operated by EUKOR will be affected.


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